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How to sales hack your startup growth to $10M

Picture-perfect purchase order fulfillment: A human-robot partnership story Read More. San Diego County heals complex and time-consuming verification process Read More. Cognitive Automation: Fortune company brings structure to unstructured data Read More. Start small, learn fast, and scale quickly Read More. Equipping a heavy machinery manufacturer with increased productivity and happier customers Read More.

Teams have more time for analytical and strategic initiatives Read More.

Automation speeds automotive parts to market Read More. Large Telco Automates 7 finance groups in 18 months Read More. Automation enables TreasuryOne to differentiate themselves with a focus on customer satisfaction Read More.


ANZ is innovating on traditional banking by introducing a digital workforce Read More. Cerner integrates disparate app data into common electronic medical records system Read More. Significant financial recurring value in less than 15 months Read More. Luckily, high ASP pays for the sales and support labor required to create the personal relationship. How difficult is it for your customer to buy your product? Is your SaaS offering easy to find, easy to understand, easy to try, easy to buy and easy to use?

Every hurdle that stands between your product and your customer reduces your sales velocity, decreases close rates, and increases your costs.

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The more complex the purchase, the more help the prospect will need. And, the fewer choices you will have regarding your SaaS sales model. You can make every effort to eliminate complexity, but at any given time the amount remaining must be surmounted by your SaaS sales model.

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For example, a new social collaboration SaaS may appear so foreign that prospects have difficulty understanding what it is, let alone what it can do for them. Onboarding a SaaS ERP might require the customer to alter internal business processes before any value is realized. In both cases, it will fall to your SaaS sales model to help prospects navigate the complexity. While a mature SaaS business may employ all three, a SaaS startup will have the resources to master only one.

However, this choice is not always straightforward when you are entering or creating a new market, because you must first find balance between price and complexity. Price and complexity are natural adversaries. February 1, Besides the increasing pressure for revenue at later funding rounds, a second revenue pressure is observed when we analyze the data across cohorts.

In the past few years there has been a shift in VC funding practices. The data from Carta indicated that since , VC firms are less interested in funding startups with no revenue. The next table shows the revenue distribution of funded startups at the Seed stage over time.

Manual 10 Revenue Increasing Processes for Companies > $10M

This same trend is observed for Series A rounds. We must ask the question: If entrepreneurs show they are able to deliver on their vision, have they seen that reflected in higher valuations for their companies? To answer this question we now complement the revenue trend analysis above with industry-level post-money valuations estimates.

The next graph presents the median valuation by funding round for Please notice that it is not possible to compute revenue multiples for startups with no revenue, given that the ratio would simply go to infinity. The median revenue multiple across all Seed, A, B, and C funding rounds for startups with revenue is equal to If the post-money valuation has increased at the same rate as annual revenue, then the ratio between the denominator and the numerator should remain constant, producing the same revenue multiple.

The table below shows the median revenue multiples for Seed and series A funding rounds. The multiples are clearly not constant. This indicates that startup valuations have not kept up with revenue growth. The ratio of post-money valuation to annual revenue has fallen about 45 percent for Seed and A funding rounds during the last two years.

Adjusting to a shifting landscape is a required skill for any entrepreneur.

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Our Carta data set shows that the startup landscape is clearly shifting towards tangible results. So the core values you have and the culture you cultivate at work is absolutely essential to your success and happiness. We took great care with both of our companies to create core values that would resonate: Amongst them, for Likeable Media: transparency, accountability, and passion; for Likeable Local: passion for small business, obsession for customer success, drive, and continuous improvement.