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Merli and Thomas W. If there was one single factor during the American Civil War that promised to assure Southern independence, short of outright European intervention, it was that the British Government might permit the Confederate States to construct warships in British yards and get them to sea, where they would prey on Northern commerce, break the blockade of the South, and turn the entire course of the war.

Mallory, sent the shrewd and affable James D. Bulloch to Europe as chief of naval purchasing. As luck would have it, the Civil War coincided with an era in naval technology that was revolutionizing sea warfare. The Union navy had not kept abreast of these developments, and was vulnerable to a fleet of steam and iron, if the South could secure such vessels in Europe. Nevertheless, the Battle of Hampton Roads demonstrated the viability of ironclad technology and provided a glimpse of the future of naval warfare.

HMS Victory: The Most Famous Warship In British History - Full Documentary

The H. Hunley , named for its inventor, Horace Hunley, put to sea in the summer of She sank twice during early tests, claiming the lives of thirteen crewmen including Hunley himself.

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In this, her only combat mission, she successfully sank the Housatonic before sinking herself for reasons still unknown. Despite this perilous beginning, engineers around the world were awakened to the potential of submarine technology.

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Outmanned and outgunned, the Confederates engaged in asymmetrical warfare on the high seas — intercepting Union trading ships to burn or seize their cargo. The most famous of these commerce raiders, CSS Alabama , never docked in a Confederate port and seized over seventy vessels in the Atlantic and Pacific before she was finally defeated off the coast of Cherbourg, France on June 19, The CSS Florida built a squadron of captured and converted ships that altogether took sixty prizes. Confederate sailors circumnavigated the globe and some landed in ports as far-flung as Singapore, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil.

Meet the Navy ships named in honor of the Confederacy

Although the Northern merchant fleet began the war with roughly 5, ships, many were sunk and many more were sold to foreigners by frightened owners, reducing the total to less than 2, by the end of the war. This feat was accomplished by less than twenty Confederate ships. Much post-war debate has been focused on the effectiveness of the Anaconda Plan and the Union blockade. Although a total of 8, commercial vessels, including domestic Southern ships, slipped into Southern ports during the war, the volume of trade was a far cry from the 20, ships that docked in the years from Although the bravery of the blockade runners provided the Confederacy with much-needed war materials and made gambling European merchants rich, the blockade still successfully suppressed a huge portion of the Southern economy.

Events proved his concerns to be well-placed. In what became known as the Trent Affair, British politicians protested the affront and began a military build-up in Canada; American citizens called for war and even Lincoln indulged in some saber-rattling during his State of the Union Address.

List of ships of the Confederate States Navy

Tensions eventually eased, however, when Lincoln ordered the release of the hostages without an apology. The spies insisted, correctly, that two ships being built in British docks for the King of Egypt--seagoing ironclads with rapid-firing revolving turrets, altogether the most powerful ships the world had yet seen—were in reality destined for the Confederacy. He threatened war, forcing the British to back down and buy the ships for themselves.


Nevertheless, an international arbitration court, the first in world history, ultimately awarded the United States Great Britain paid, but did not admit guilt. Farragut , commanding the West Gulf Blockading Squadron.

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  7. From the fall of until the spring of the contending navies dueled in the Gulf of Mexico, with Farragut gaining the upper hand after an early setback at the Battle of the Head of the Passes. Following the U. Other foreign governments issued statements of neutrality. As the Union Navy took steps to enforce the blockade, controversies arose with foreign governments over the legality of Union seizures of neutral shipping, as well as other related practices.

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    4. The most important of these was the arrest of Confederate commissioners that precipitated the Trent Affair in November of , an incident that was resolved by the release of the commissioners one month later. Foreign governments acknowledged the right to stop and search neutral ships in international waters, but were displeased by what they saw as violations of the spirit rather than the letter of the law; Union ships typically determined which ships in Caribbean ports were preparing to run the blockade into the Confederacy, and would wait outside the territorial limits for those ships to clear port.

      Confederate Warships

      British officials were also concerned about the treatment of crews of seized ships, as well as the seizure of British mail. During this meeting Lyons persuaded Lincoln to adopt British neutrality policies by promising that the British Government would continue to view the blockade as a legitimate tool of war. The blockade had a negative impact on the economies of other countries.

      Textile manufacturing areas in Britain and France that depended on Southern cotton entered periods of high unemployment, while French producers of wine, brandy and silk also suffered when their markets in the Confederacy were cut off.