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Children's Health Guide. What Causes It?

CP Time: Black Floridians Who Made History - The Daily Show

Some of the problems that can damage the brain or disrupt its growth include: Bleeding in the brain while the baby is in the womb, during birth or afterward A lack of blood flow to important organs Seizures at birth or in the first month of life Some genetic conditions Traumatic brain injuries Am I at Risk for Having a Child With CP? They include: Rubella , or German measles , a viral illness that can be prevented with a vaccine Chickenpox , also called varicella a vaccine can prevent this contagious illness.

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Here are some of them: Bacterial meningitis. It causes swelling in the brain and tissues around the spinal cord. Viral encephalitis. This also can cause swelling around the brain and spinal cord. Severe jaundice yellowing of the skin. Now Playing: candidates defend Kamala Harris from attacks on her background.

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Now Playing: Democratic candidates continue to create momentum after first round of debates. Now Playing: Biden addresses busing record after debate confrontation with Harris.

Now Playing: Joe Biden defends record on civil rights after debate fallout. Now Playing: Biden and Harris spar during 2nd night of Democratic debate. Now Playing: Integration of schools in the spotlight after presidential debate. Now Playing: Biden clarifies position on busing after debate with Harris. Now Playing: Democratic presidential candidates visit child detention facility in Florida. All rights reserved.

Bill De Blasio's 'Colored People's Time' Joke Hits Sour Note

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is facing some criticism for joking about "CP time" while performing in a comedic sketch alongside Hillary Clinton at a charity event over the weekend. Related Extras. Related Videos.

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Some terminals are served by trucks, trains and mobile equipment for moving and stacking containers, all of which operate around the clock and generate noise. Just as you take care of the things you own, such as your home and yard, CP does the same for our property. We take special care in maintaining our right-of-way - the area on both sides of our tracks - and work hard to quickly address any concerns regarding its appearance.

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We forward complaints or concerns to track maintenance supervisors or the CP Police Service as the situation warrants. CP does not allow any drone flight over our private property. Our employees work in an environment where distractions, such as unexpected overflights, can increase safety risks to employees, the public and our operations. When CP first began its operations, Canada was relatively unpopulated. While much has changed in the years since the start of CP's operations, our commitment to operating safely and working closely with communities and residents remains a core value.

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Today, while we fully appreciate the needs of growing cities, it is important to remember that many communities across Canada have grown-up and prospered along the railroad. That interface — between communities and CP — has become an important component of what we do on any given day. CP plays an integral role in moving North America's economy and takes great pride in safely delivering to North Americans everything they need — from food, to cars, to energy and fuel. A strong, safe and efficient rail system is essential for Canada and the U.

However, relocation of rail lines and yards is a complex and serious issue which would involve CP, local and national customers, regulators, local community organizations and all levels of government. An extensive review would need to take place to determine the impact to customer service and the full cost to all stakeholders, which will be significant. Skip to main content.

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Living near the railway Page Content. Whistling Train whistles are the most important public safety mechanism available to our engineers. If you would like to apply for a Quiet Zone in your community, please visit the websites below.