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We need to balance the time we spend building with the time we spend maintaining. We need to balance the needs of our teams with the varied needs of the rest of the organization.


Never does this become more apparent than for new tech leads — I see it all the time at HubSpot. When they step into their role, they usually find themselves with new sometimes competing priorities.

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And when new tech leads lack balance, they end up losing sight of what success for themselves and their teams should look like. And you have pull requests, JIRAs, alerts, migrations, and other teams begging for your attention. Oh, and you have an evolving, interconnected product mission that your team should be working towards.

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Somewhere along the path of leadership, new tech leads can become overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out. How does that happen? They almost always do this with good intentions. To manage, new leaders often adopt the role of a gatekeeper early on and have a hard time letting go.

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A gatekeeper controls the flow of information in an attempt to narrow focus and avoid surprises. You might be a gatekeeper if:. While gatekeeping can often be detrimental to a team, this leadership role is extremely helpful for new members of a team or for someone new to a skill. Helping them digest their projects and giving thoughtful review of their work benefits both that person and the team, because too much autonomy could result in them getting stuck, going down the wrong path, creating more work for the team, and probably feeling like an imposter. By reducing autonomy, they can focus on skill growth and be protected from mistakes and outside forces.

But if you remain a gatekeeper as an individual contributor grows, they might end up underexposed. Their potential will likely be squandered. So how do you fix it?

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Well, you need to become a gardener. A gardener trusts, encourages autonomy, and exposes their team to higher level problems.

Gardeners turn scaling and growth into a team sport. A gardener might:. Through use of deep learning, classifies make, model, and color of a vehicle, providing additional authentication when securing borders, controlling facility access, and in the identification of key vehicle information for use in higher level analytics. Automatically recognizes and decodes international shipping container codes, speeding up the security and overall throughput to process cargo tracking at busy border crossings, railways, air and sea ports.

Production and consumption of energy are pivotal to our global economy.


Gatekeeper products play an essential role in supporting the security at nuclear power plants, natural gas facilities, oil refineries and water reservoirs. The trillions contributed to our global economy starts with airports, seaports, railroads and border crossings. Gatekeeper products help to make the transportation hubs that serve hundreds of millions of travelers safer. Chemical companies, international banks, and five-star hotels that cater to an elite clientele understand the need for state-of-the-art security technology.

Local and federal governments around the globe are tasked with the safety of their citizens. This creates a unique challenge to secure critical national infrastructure in an ever-changing security environment. Gatekeeper products are trusted by governments in 28 countries to secure military installations and mission critical government facilities at home and abroad.