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When the Lord compared himself as the light of the world and what someone can see in the mirror, he simply means that many people see him only in a mirror. There is nothing wrong with seeing Jesus in the mirror, however the problem lies when someone does not see the real Jesus face to face and think that the image reflected in the mirror is Jesus. To be in his presence and see him face to face the believer must humble himself, accept his word, and obey his commands. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it does not represent the reality of you because it is just a reflection of the light.

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It gives you an idea about who is in the front of the mirror and how you look like, but remember it is not the real you. Even your actions are not the same.

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For instance, if you raise your right hand , the mirror shows the left hand. If you step to the right, the mirror step to the left and so on.

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To follow the image of Jesus can be dangerous when the follower does not know that it is just an image. While Jesus goes to the right , the follower go to the left where the light is no longer shinning. The result?

The follower is then walking in darkness. To walk in the darkness is dangerous because many obstacles may arise leading someone to hurt themselves or to die on the dark path. When the follower goes after Jesus there is no longer a problem, because Jesus is the one who goes ahead cleaning the path, and prepares his followers for any hard situations that can arise on their journey. Jesus was talking about his resurrection not the physical temple in Jerusalem. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day.

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The temple was just an image illustration and Jesus once again proves his supremacy over the human mentality. If the Jews were capable to see the real Jesus they would never reject him. Another clear example is in John when Jesus mentions his flesh and blood. He says that whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood remains in him. Politics UK general election poll tracker: Latest party odds and polling results in full Britain is gearing up for a December general election in a showdown over Brexit.

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Most Read Most Recent. Clive James Clive James dead: Aussie-born telly star has died aged 80 Clive James' agents have confirmed he passed away on Sunday at his home in Cambridge. Top Stories. Often, we just think it is the same thing as confidence.

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  • If someone has confidence, then the self-image they hold just follows hand-in-hand with that confidence, right? Our self-image is built up by our own beliefs about ourselves. From all of these experiences we created the formation of our self-image. We mentally constructed a picture of ourselves. All of your emotions are always directly associated with the self-image you hold. Your emotions end up holding you in your comfort zone; attached to your self-image. This is how success barriers, terror barriers, anxiety and whatever else come around. We continuously create more and more problems for ourselves due to something called the confirmation bias.

    The confirmation bias is the human tendency to only notice and observe evidence which supports our self-image. To the regular eye, girls are eyeing you from across the room, smiling at you. It sounds so stupid and obvious; but it is true.

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    The more you dwell on your money problems and associate them with your sense of self, the more money problems you create in your life. The self-image you hold is the key to your personality and your behaviour. Change the self-image you hold in your mind and you change your personality and behaviour. The self-image sets the boundaries of your accomplishments as an individual.

    It defines what you can and cannot do. Firstly, detach yourself from yourself. Start viewing yourself in the third person. The same goes for whether you feel unattractive, unworthy or whatever else — question these beliefs. The truth could be endlessly debated, so why not debate the side that helps you? Ignore your emotions of nerves or anxiety.