Lost Souls of the Dead and Dying

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Should IT maintenance involve a team or can one solution manager handle it all? Cloud vs.

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You Need Discounts! AX data normalization — Part 3: Calculating execution times AX data normalization — Part 2: Generate the find method with a Snippet Code The key to top-line growth is intelligent customer engagement Dynamics and the demise of systems integration Transform your business from inside out with Microsoft productivity tools Metrics in IT Support Do you know IT governance for third type organizations?

Experience Business with Dynamics and Adobe Marketing Cloud Have you ever spent hours on hold for customer service? Do you know the kind of impact from ICT in the business environment? Store or Web — The Big Divide! Reversing the dependency-trust relationship in B2C services. Disentangling the impact of cost transparency on cooperation efficiency in exchange partnerships. Betrayal intention in exporter-importer working relationships: Drivers, outcomes, and moderating effects.

The dynamics of outsourcing relationships in global value chains: Perspectives from MNEs and their suppliers. Public opinion on renewable energy technologies and climate change in Peninsular Malaysia. Relational communication and illusionary loyalty: Moderating role of self-construal. Relational selling: Past, present and future. Factors which influence trust in supply chains.

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Research on the relationship between relational capital and relational rent. Communication, interactivity, and satisfaction in B2B relationships. Value synergy and value asymmetry in relationship marketing programs. The Assessment of Fairness in Agricultural Markets. The effects of balanced and asymmetric dependence on supplier satisfaction: Identifying positive effects of dependency.

Multi-channel Distribution

Trust, religiosity, and relationship marketing: a conceptual overview of consumer brand loyalty. A behavioral model of international channel relationships. Fundamental transformations of trust and its drivers: A multi-stage approach of business-to-business relationships. The role of the third party in trust repair process. Relational governance in supplier-buyer relationships: The mediating effects of boundary spanners' interpersonal guanxi in China's B2B market.

Benevolent dictatorship and buyer-supplier exchange. Business-to-business social exchange relationship beyond trust and commitment. Untangling the trust—control nexus in international buyer—supplier exchange relationships: An investigation of the changing world regarding relationship length. Stuck like glue: the formation and consequences of brand attachments among salespeople. Conviviality and its impact on business relationships: insights into an entrepreneurial textile-clothing community. A mixed methods empirical exploration of UK consumer perceptions of trust, risk and usefulness of mobile payments.

The changing bases of mutual trust formation in inter-organizational relationships: A dyadic study of university-industry research collaborations. Telecom market liberalization and service performance outcomes of an incumbent monopoly. Exhibited trust and excessive knowledge specificity: A competitive altruism hypothesis. Decisions at the Boundary. Trust in Interorganizational Relationships.

Information technology adoption: a review of the literature and classification. On the Same Page? The power roots and drivers of infidelity in international business relationships. How does market learning affect radical innovation? The moderation roles of horizontal ties and vertical ties.

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Fudge Kamal. Improving UK retail academic-practitioner research: insights from relationship marketing. How does business-to-business network affect new product development in Japanese firms? Spirituality as an antecedent of trust and network commitment: The case of Anatolian Tigers. Can I read your mind?

Le bûcheron (Contes de femmes) (French Edition)

Perception gaps in supply chain relationships. To Continue or not to Continue? Drivers of Recurrent Partnering in Temporary Organizations. A longitudinal comparison of customer satisfaction and customer-company identification in a service context. An analysis of the relationship between embedded ties and supplier innovation in the cooperative sector.

Supply chain organizational infrastructure for promoting entrepreneurial emphasis and innovativeness: The role of trust and learning. Speed of acquisition integration: Separating the role of human and task integration. When social media met commerce: a model of perceived customer value in group-buying.

Supply chain performance flexibility in the Australian beef industry. Are information asymmetry and sharing good, bad, or context dependent? A meta-analytic review. Software outsourcing partnership model: An evaluation framework for vendor organizations. The antecedents of relational capital in key exporter-importer relationships. Brand trust: a cross-national validation in Germany, India, and South Africa. Affective trust in buyer-seller relationships: a two-dimensional scale.

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Effects of economic and social satisfaction on partner trust. Open air markets: uniquenesses about African marketing channels.

Understanding online repurchase intention: social exchange theory and shopping habit. Trust-building processes in tourist coopetition: The case of a Polish region. Should I stay or should I go? Organizational cross-cultural differences in the context of innovation-oriented partnerships. Enhancing export performance: Betting on customer orientation, behavioral commitment, and communication. Corporate social responsibility in B2B relationships: Examining the effects of multifaceted supplier CSR on business customers trust.

Formation of Reputation in Business Markets. Relationship between sales force reputation and customer behavior: Role of experiential value added by sales force.