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Cocina; Kitchen. Cofradia; Fraternity of workers, usually grouped in trades, who took charge of church festivals. Cojo; Cripple, lame. Colacion; Conferral of an ecclesiastical office.

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Colcha; Coverlet or blanket, sometimes with geometric designs. Colegial; Fellow of a colegio, or residential college. Colegio; A school or seminary. Coligados; Bound together. Colono; Colonist, or settler. Coloquio; Literary composition in the form of a dialogue. Color quebrado; Of broken color; person of mixed blood showing defmite color strain.


Comal; A flat sheet of earthenware or metal for cooking tortillas. Comandante-general; Commandant-general, usually used in connection with chief administrative official ofProvincias Internets del Norte after Comisario; The officer in charge of royal warehouse. Peace officer.

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Comisario de guerra; Official in charge of fiscal matters relating to the army. Comisario general; Among the Franciscans an official in Spain intermediate between the superior general and the provincials. In New Spain he was the highest official in the order and had certain powers as visitador. Comisionado; A soldier appointed to carry out a special appointment.

Communication; In canon law refers to the granting of privileges and means that the privileges granted to one religious order are shared by all orders.

Compadre; Name given reciprocally by the father and godfather of a child. A "quick-response" military group.

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Competencia; Conflict of jurisdiction. Composicion; Regularization of defective land titles; the fee paid to the Crown in such a transaction. Compradrazgo; God-parentage. A very important social institution which establish ties between parents of a baptized child and the child's godparents. The mother and godmother are comadres; the father and godfather are compadres.

Especially important in Indian communities. Composiciones; Lump sum payments to the Crown for clear titles of land ownership. Comun; Community, or the total population of a community. Comunidad; Municipal corporation. Con; With. Conciliares; Conciliar. There were a total of 25 sessions. Session 24 11 November enacted dogmas and decrees concerning marriage. Conde; Title of nobility equivalent to a marques in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries; not equivalent to the title of count in the English nobility.

Condicionalmente; Conditionally. Confesados; Having confessed. Congregacion; The Spanish policy of concentrating Indians into villages.

Conocido s ; Known. Conozco; I know. Conquista; A conquest. Conquistador; Conqueror. The first settlers of the provinces ofCoahuila and Nuevo Leon referred to themselves in various documents as "conquistadores y pobladores". Consanguinidad; Cosanguinity related by blood. Consejo de guerra; Court-martial. Consejo pleno de guerra; Full war council of the imperial government. Conste; Witness. Consul; Consulado judge.

Consulado: Tribunal and guild of wholesale merchants. Contador; Accountant; one of the four treasury officials assigned to New Spain to look after the Crown's fiscal interests. The other three were the Veedor inspector. Factor business agent , and Tesorero treasurer. Continuo; Royal bodyguard. Contra; Against. Contracosta; The term for the pacific coast of the peninsula employed by people in California in the 18th century see otra banda. Contraian; They contracted. Contramaestre; A boatswain; sometimes a skipper of one of the presidio ofLoreto's smaller sailing craft.

Contraer matrimonio; To contract marriage. Contrayente; Bethrothed; person contracting marriage. Contrayentes; Both parties contracting marriage. Convento; A religious house. Converso; A convert from Judaism to Catholicism.


Conyuge; Spouse. Coplas populares; Popular, common, or everyday quatrain; stanzas of four lines. Copula ilicita; Illicit carnal union; Unlawful sexual relationship.

Copula licita; Licit carnal union; lawful sexual relationship. Coronel graduado; Colonel by rank, but without pay or effective command. Corredor; A covered, open-sided porch. Corregidor; Spanish official in charge of a province or district. Local magistrate and administrator with jurisdiction over an Indian polity. District magistrate. Corresponds to alcalde mayor. Corregimiento; Institution, office, or jurisdiction of a corregidor.

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Correos conductores; Mailmen, often presidial soldiers performing this duty. Corrida; Bullfight. Corriente; Current, present week, month, year. Cortes; Parliament; the senate and congress of deputies of Spain. Cortijo; House in the country, frequently surrounded by lands used for cultivation or the hunt.

Coso; Plaza or enclosed place for bullfights and other public celebrations. Costumbre; Custom; native law.

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Council of the Indies; An advisory board that, with the courts and the king, handled colonial problems and performed administrative functions under the Code of the Indies, codified in Council of war; Administrative body in Spain responsible for military matters throughout the empire. Covento; Living quarters for religious personnel. Mulatto and Indian; mestizo and Indian; barcino and Spaniard.

Classification of racial mixtures varied within New Spain during the colonial period. In New Spain, the term generally meant that an individual was being reared by another person.