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She said most gel polish manicures should last about two weeks, but if the polish begins to peel earlier, she recommends trying to avoid ripping it off the nail.

Is Shellac over? Why traditional nail polish is making a comeback

Martin said people who get gel manicures should be wary of how manicurists remove the polish. She explained that most gel manicures are applied using a type of polish known as soft gel. However, a drill is almost always necessary for removing polish from acrylic nails, Martin said.

Martin said people should stop adding layers of clear top coat to their nails throughout the week. The idea that going au-natural with your nails between manicures can improve nail health or help with nail stains is a myth, Martin said.

Pearly pink marks you as a professional

One tip she recommends to her clients who struggle with nail stains, or remnants of polish color that have tinted the nail, is to dip a disposable mascara wand in baking soda and water, then brush the wand onto the nail. Home News A manicurist Book Now. Our Events Make your occasion one to remember. Book Party.

The reformed manicure addict's guide to repairing your nails

Self-improvement is big at sundays. It offers a guided meditation you can listen to on headphones while technicians in blush pink cardigans work on your nails.

Nail Polish 101: How to Prevent Bubbles in Your Nail Polish (and Top Coat!) -- KELLI MARISSA

And they certainly know what they're doing. Read More.

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At sundays, we believe wellness is a journey and not a one-day holiday or a to-do list item. Sadly, we often see mothers who put themselves ….

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How to Make Your Manicure or Pedicure Last Longer Summer is here and that means more travel, more fun, and figuring out how to make sure your nails look good through it all. In episode 9 of our Tea Talk with Amy, we answer one of the most common questions we get: how do I make my manicure and pedicure last longer? Cart Close. No products in the cart.