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My canes are nearly all square-shaped, and feature repeating patterns, which makes them great for tiling thin slices together into a large patterned sheet. I can do several things with this sheet. I can set it on top of a thicker solid-color clay sheet and cut into it with cookie cutters to make buttons or pendants. Or I can take the sheet and apply it to the handles of crochet hooks, loom knitting tools, or stick pens.

Once the objects are cured, I spend a lot of time sanding them and buffing them to make them super smooth, and give them a satiny shine. As well as the author of the book, Make and Takes for Kids. Marie graduated with an Early Childhood and Elementary teaching degree and taught kindergarten over the years. She loves sharing her creativity here at Make and Takes! Marie is also a certified creative life coach and is also writing over at Creative Flow Life.


Lisa Clarke at Polka Dot Cottage has some gorgeous crochet hooks with handles made of her awesome polymer clay work. They are so beautiful! Ooo, I just checked it out. Thanks for sharing. Your hooks are the tools of your craft. Yes, that is a great way to put it. Thanks for the tip :. Your email address will not be published. I used to enjoy it and have a pile of tapestry cushions that I made in my twenties. If you want to see really professionally stitched tapestries then click on the tapestry tag at the bottom of this post.

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Subscription boxes are often an event in themselves. Part of getting any treat in the post is the anticipation as you open it. I have received some boxes in the past where the items have seemingly just been plonked in without much thought, but as you can see this was certainly not the case. The box includes all the threads and fabrics needed to complete the project together with a sweet gift, artisan tea bag and naughty treat. The zesty tropical coloured wool is Anchor tapestry wool. The project is well designed, instructions are clear and the chart is a good size, no squinting required.

There are fabrics and trimmings to match. The pom pom trim is adorable! The extra gift and sweet treat are really a nice touch as well. This arrived the week I had meant to buy some blank cards, so the little pack of cactus notelets were very gratefully received. I passed on the little bar of chocolate to Someone for a fishing treat. Actually since I got this little kit I keep seeing cactus designs everywhere; on cushions, notelets, and clothing, cross stitch kits, on mugs etc etc.

They ship worldwide. According to Suzanne there are a limited number of new subscription places every month and these are usually taken up very quickly. The stitching projects are mainly designed in-house at Historical Sampler Company the parent company of Cotton and Twine but they have started to include some guest designers.

A one-off box was offered to me for my review. All opinions are mine and completely honest. I have no affiliation with the company. From beginning to end in about 10 days. Less yes, and more noooo was experiencing the sewers equivalent of yarn chicken. That seemed a bit rubbish, so I undid it all and started again with a longer thread and, would you believe, it happened all over again!

I Googled thread tying and it is a thing. Sorry to whoever suggested it — I was an unbeliever — but it worked.

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It was initially a bit tricky trying to get the knot to stay at the back and not pull around, but anchoring it behind a tuck of the gathered material worked perfectly. Two: As mentioned on my last post Corinne Lapierre sent me a thank you gift, and someone there wrote a really lovely note.

Three: Yes your eyes are not deceiving you… I have managed to do some crochet this week. The first picture was taken after my allotted ten minutes.

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  • The Guy Under the Sheets: The Unauthorized Autobiography.

I had the yarn and hook poised in my hands ready to go just before I started the ten minute timer. I wanted every second! I felt thoroughly relaxed even having just done a little. Crochet always feels like a tranquilliser! Ahem… The second picture was a few days later and I completely blame Nikki and her lovely Nan for my going way, way, way past the ten minute timer. Generally I find them full of umming and ahhing, repetitious and overly long without enough content the fill the time.

This is the episode. Four: This fluffy lovely spent ten minutes sitting in one of our two balcony feeders, sun basking and occasionally pecking at the crumbs of mealworm. I was right next to the window chatting to him and he just blinked at me. Looking at the fluffy tummy feathers I would say this is a juvenile. What a gorgeous sight. The Woodland Trust has lots of general info about bluebells and a search box to find bluebell hotspots. I enjoyed reading the article about ancient woodlands too. I am as happy as a very, very happy thing to be able to be a little bit creative again.

How nice and totally unexpected. Thank you for clicking through to check out her site, if you did. Does this officially make me an influencer I wonder?! What will she send? This gave me the idea for a new cross-stitch. I thought I could rest my right hand on top of a hoop to keep it steady on the edge of my desk, while I stitch with my left. The last time I did any cross-stitch was last July in Regents park, London.

It feels like aeons ago. I know the five is a bit dodgy. I drew it freehand after looking at cross-stitch number patterns online. Do you think I ought to add a bit more thickness to the bottom? Apparently it looks a bit like a letter S, but with the four next to it should be identifiable.

You can see if you zoom in when I started smoothing out my thread before stitching, and periodically letting the needle dangle from the hoop to untwist the thread. I found myself looking at sewing kits and threads in John Lewis and The Range while away in Aberdeen. I might have spent a few minutes arranging them, but no one seemed to notice or care. The rabbits enjoyed the attention. Lucky weather on Friday meant it was unseasonably sunny and warm. A bus out of the city to Don Bridge seemed like a good plan.

We walked along the esplanade and onto the beach to collect sea glass, then had a couple of scoops of Mackies Scottish ice cream before reaching Footdee, wandering around the harbour and back into the city centre. A good walk by the sea in bright sunshine, is a pretty perfect day for me. Plus it was capped off with a selection of curries at Shri Bheemas with old friends in the evening.

The paratha were really good too; lacy and light. I read on an airport poster that Aberdeen has 15 miles of unbroken beaches. I guess another way would be to get a dog which needs lots of walking. When at school, and into my late teens, I did a lot of patchwork, embroidery and tapestry.

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  2. Guide Polka Dot Cottage Hearts: A Beginner Polymer Clay Project?
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  4. Sewing was my thing, much more than knitting at which my Mum was expert. One day a friend and I went to an exhibition in London.

    Lisa Clarke Public records

    It was a display of the work of an Embroidery Guild and the sheer perfection of the pieces had a detrimental effect on me. Now I look at what I had sewn at the time and think what a silly girl! If only someone had pointed out to me that such a high standard is achieved by many, many hours years?

    Crochet Vest Pattern

    This total shutdown was probably partly down to those horrible see-sawing hormones and a lack of confidence. That was a weird thing; a lack in some areas, while feeling wildly confident, with a can-do attitude in others. Even if really I should be doing physio exercises with my tin of baby carrots, a little bit of embroidery a day equals creative satisfaction, plus the surge of endorphins is pretty cool too. The kit from Corrine Lapierre comes with 2 embroidery needles, a tape measure, an unpicker, wool felt, cotton thread and stitch guide. No sponsorship or payment of any kind has been given for this post.

    Nice though! My ladybird question read out on Monday, answered by an interesting expert on Tuesday. Enjoying: waking to bright sunny mornings.