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While we might not be driving around in flying cars but self-driving cars are here, check them out there are a number of tools to automate most aspects of Facebook advertising. What if we could spend an hour a week on each assignment instead of 10 hours? It can be done if you use all the tools at your disposal , leaving you with plenty of free time to binge on Netflix and play with your cats!

Or, alternatively, the rest of the working week can be spent on more creative aspects of your business instead of staring all day at your Facebook Ads Manager screen. Designing ads from scratch is a difficult process, firstly you need to come up with inspiring ideas and then you need to create the graphics and write the ad copy. These ads are highly effective as they show products which are relevant to the viewer.

For example, if someone visited your website and clicked through to some product pages, you can retarget them with these exact same items they just saw on your site. The ads can also be used for prospecting — especially if you build a product set of just your best selling products — and for cross-selling and upsells.

As the ad creative is always up to date assuming you automatically sync your catalog these ads can often be run for months or even years with next to no maintenance. Easier still, you can even automate the product catalog sync using an e-commerce plugin. For instance, Shopify stores can use an app like Flexify. As part of their aim to increase transparency for Ads and Pages, Facebook now includes an Info and Ads tab on every page, allowing everyone to view the ads that the page currently has running. Why not check out what sort of ads brands that you admire are running, and of course, spy on some competitors?

This is where the AdEspresso Ads Gallery comes in handy.

Let's dive into your growth goals

They both have their pros and cons which we cover in this article , essentially we recommend using both tools together. As the name suggests, Creative Hub is the portal in Business Manager for anything related to ad creative. You can also create mock-ups and collaborate on projects, allowing for rapid ad creation with team members. One time-consuming aspect of advertising is having to boost lots of page posts individually. For example, at AdEspresso we publish 4 blog posts a week on our Facebook feed. Start by choosing the rules for boosting e.

Audience creation used to take hours of planning every week, each audience was handcrafted and involved user research and customer personas to get just the right combination of interests. These days we can create highly effective lookalike audiences with just a couple of clicks , plus we have some email automation and powerful audience insight tools at our disposal. For cold traffic prospecting we can use lookalike and interest-based audiences and for retargeting we can sync our email lists :. As we saw in the news last year Facebook knows everything about you…or at least it feels like that at times.

All these signals and data points can be used to create a lookalike audience , this is where you give Facebook a seed audience and then it creates an audience of people with very similar characteristics. The seed audience could be from customers, leads, website visitors, or Facebook fans amongst others. Not only are lookalike audiences very powerful but they can also be created with a couple of clicks.

If you are advertising for e-commerce then a value based lookalike is worth considering. What interests should you pick though?

Confusion reigns

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Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Since surcommissions have driven the actions and profitability of the holding companies, Cass believes they have put themselves in a dangerous, possibly fatal, position. They reduced their standard commissions to clients to untenable levels because, over time, it was not their main source of profit.

Now turn the wheel through and and you can see the problem on the horizon. With clients either recontracting media buying at new, more transparent levels or taking it in-house to avoid the issue completely, the big five are staring into the abyss. They will be unable to raise their commissions because they not client procurement teams were the main agent in reducing them in the first place, while revenue from surcommissions is drying up fast.

He believes the collapse may have already begun and nobody has noticed. Let me leave you with what I believe are eight inalienable observations about marketing and media as we head into Trust remains the biggest issue for marketers, particularly because of the large amounts of money involved and the abject lack of vendors along the supply chain that clients can place faith in.

Digital media might have lit the spark for media transparency but it would be unfair to single out programmatic exchanges as the only place where non-transparent, counter-client activities are occurring. They represent the most obvious and concerning place where it occurs but their exposure will likely spread to the so-called traditional buying systems.

The big five holding companies are in terrible trouble. That is partly because they are likely to be the victims of digital disruption and the consolidation of the media supply chain, but also because they have gradually let their business model shift into a place where it first ran against client interests and now, increasingly, runs against their own too. Mergers and acquisitions are highly probable. First, holding companies will consolidate the agency brands within their portfolios to save money.

Sticking My Ads Out: It's not creative unless it sells. by Hampel, Al New,, | eBay

Second, merger activity between the big five will ultimately see them becoming a much smaller number. Third, expect at least some or part of the current holding structures to be acquired by external players.

The biggest transformation in media buying is not the shift to digital. The massive amount of transition and investment required by clients to negotiate this change is catnip for the big audit firms who will buy talent, creative agencies and media people to exploit this new business opportunity.

Ultimately media planning and buying will become more effective, transparent and accurate across all major channels. But getting there will be tough. But it took decades and the battles that were fought to get there remain a legendary and incendiary part of American history. We might eventually get to the place that programmatic promised us: a real-time, optimised and transparent media buying system. But no one in the industry thinks we will get there any time soon. And most think it will get worse before it gets any better.

I found out when the agency who was booking my ads got greedy and not only wanted an undeclared extra slice from the publisher, but was paying them too slowly as well, with the result that a publisher refused to run one of my campaigns and I investigated why. I dropped the agency immediately. Clients with junior marketing teams putting their faith in the agencies played right into the trap but they were too naive to see their mistake.

Agencies guarding their client relationships like Rottweilers to hide the deception. It was comical. No need to wear a belt. The media industry need a good old fashioned dose of honesty if it has any chance of survival. For once, Ritson actually gets it right! In attempting to carve out a niche as a firebrand he sometimes misses the mark, but he is accurate and fair here. This transparency issue goes way beyond digital. Money has been wasted and siphoned off in underhand ways on old media for many , many years. TV sells plenty of adverts that far fewer people sees than the so called measurement systems claim and the industry colludes between agencies and industry bodies to hide this fact either through apathy or ineptitude or total dishonesty.

An Advertising Declaration of Independents

The systems that exist to allow this dishonesty are not fit for purpose and the industry bodies are complicit in allowing this to have happened. Not just the technology but the will exists to catch the entire system out. Marketing spend has been at the hands of the inept and dishonest for too long. Accenture et al will bring in blockchain or equivalent and when the tide goes out — and it is definitely going out — we are going to see who is swimming naked for sure. The comical thing here is that when we started advising clients on the production for media in the brief was to emulate the transparency of media independents!

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This, amongst other things, helped spark the un-bundling now called de-coupling revolution and in turn the now multi-billion pound alternative to using network agencies.