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Blake presents a version of Woody Allen as a boy from Flatbush who has come to inhabit Manhattan: "Most important for Woody Allen, being in Manhattan means not being in Brooklyn. This is not New York; this is a fantasy fashioned by someone on a tourist visa from Flatbush" Blake finds in this Woody Allen a consistent insecurity about his actually belonging in this new world, a nagging fear that he will be discovered as an imposter. This fundamental fear of being found out is central to Allen's comic persona.

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An early film like Sleepers exaggerates this fear, presenting a man who is not only out of place, but out of time, a man who realizes that the consequence of being discovered is death. These essays reflect the length and breadth Offering both in-depth analyses of specific films and overviews of the industry's output, Hollywood's Indian provides insightful characterizations of the depiction of the Native Americans in film. Shows that Cecil B. DeMille was the most successful filmmaker in early Hollywood history.

In a year career, he directed 70 films and was involved as producer, co-director, screenwriter, even actor, in dozens of others.

Street Smart: The New York Of Lumet, Allen, Scorsese, And Lee

Determines whether the cycle of films produced after the fall of the Gang of Four in the People's China in , and representing events during the Cultural Revolution decade of , constitutes a major break with mainland This is a biography of this movie giant, based on interviews with Ray, his Brings together critically informed essays about one of the most controversial films ever made.

It examines the literary origins of the work, the nature of cinematic violence, questions of gender and the film's treatment of This collection of essays explores the literary and cinematic implications of translating Austen's prose into film. The essays represent widely divergent perspectives, from literary 'purists' suspicious of filmic renderings of It engages the effects of globalization from the perspective of small nations.

Focusing her study on the specific cultural context of the international film market, Mette Hjort argues that the New Danish Cinema presents an This study of Hong Kong cult director Wong Kar-wai provides an overview of his career and in-depth analysis of his seven feature films to date. Teo probes Wong's cinematic and literary influences - from Martin Scorsese to Haruki This second edition of the study of movie stars and stardom contains a new introduction discussing the rise of celebrity culture and developments in the study of stars since publication of the first edition in It is based Key areas of critical debate are highlighted, including private and public financing, co-production, film policy, links between the film and television industries, and the threats to art cinema from within and without Europe.

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A tale of what it is to make movies, this book explores, at close range, finicky directors, clueless executives, shameless marketers, famous actors, battered screenwriters, and hapless producers crossing paths in such calamitous A study of Hollywood studio cartoons in the s, s, and s. This account looks principally at the Walt Disney studio -- including is full-length cartoons, beginning with 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' -- but also A comprehensive user's guide to Gilles Deleuze's important work on cinema.

Bogue provides an accessible manual to Cinema I and Cinema II , giving readers the background and exposition they need to work through Deleuze's most Arthur English and film studies, Montclair State U. He addresses the avant-garde's cultural On the Waterfront includes essays specially commissioned for the volume, analyzing the screenplay, Kazan as director, Schulberg as screenplay writer, the score by Leonard Bernstein, and the reception of the film.

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A preface by Budd A comprehensive resource of key writings on early cinema, addressing filmmaking practice, film form, style and content, and the ways in which silent films were exhibited and understood by their audiences, from the beginnings of Features the uncensored life story of John Singleton: his mates, his women, and his larrikin ways.

Kerry Packer calls him one of the few men who he would trust with a handshake. Four of his ex-wives still think of him as the most Tony Magistrale examines the various thematic, narrative, and character interconnections that highlight the relationship among his films.

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The book takes us through chapters that explore such popular films as Stand By Me, Misery, Although new writing and research on British cinema has burgeoned over the last fifteen years, there has been a continued lack of single-authored books providing a coherent overview to this fascinating and elusive national Uses cinema and the films it shows to think about the church and the visions of desire it displays.

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho: A Casebook brings together outstanding critical essays on this influential and teachable film.

The essays not only elaborate on the complexities of the film, but represent the spectrum of film criticism, This book offers a comprehensive overview of Orson Welles' life and career, highlighting the shape of the filmmaker's career, his astonishing precocity and his extraordinary gifts that resulted in both splendid successes and As producer of numerous films, Wallis made an indelible mark on the course of America's film industry, but his contributions are often overlooked and no full-length study has yet assessed his incredible career.