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Wooden puzzles are quite durable and are built to last with quality construction. A wooden puzzle can take much wear and tear. For example, it is not a good idea to get a wooden puzzle wet such as a child accidentally spilling a beverage on it or leaving a puzzle out in the rain or throwing it in a pool. Water can damage the wood and cause it to warp and wear down so always make sure that if a puzzle is exposed to water or dampness, it is dried off immediately and then air-dried overnight.

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This has been a major concern for parents since when the major plastic toy recall occurred that involved many popular baby toys. However, this recall involved plastic toys only, not wooden ones. A wooden puzzle is made from something that is completely natural. Yes, there are other things that are involved such paint , finishes and even a certain amount of plastic. As stated above, several of the wooden puzzles listed here ensure consumers that these puzzles were made with the nontoxic material.

However, there are certain parameters to keep in mind, such as using a safe, nontoxic cleaner such diluted vinegar placed in an empty spray bottle that will actually disinfect the pieces without being harmful to the child.

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Another thing to always remember is not to soak any of these pieces in water, as water is an enemy of wood. The best course of action is to get a spray bottle of the nontoxic cleaner of choice, spray the toy with the cleaner, then using a damp washcloth go over the toy once more. Afterward, gently pat down the toy with a dry sterile towel, then place the pieces in a dry spot for them to air dry, usually overnight. There are several step-by-step tutorials that can be found online that will guide you through sterilizing wooden puzzles and other wooden toys. On average, the ideal age for a child to start being introduced to simple puzzles such as the ones listed here is age 2 years.

However, a child who is around 12 months old will start to learn about placing things such as blocks into containers. A few of the puzzles listed here are ideal for this stage of development and are perfect for kids who are 1 year of age. As stated above, not all wooden puzzles are ideal for all age levels. Also, as a child grows they start to develop interests, and this is also a hint as to which puzzle will interest them.

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Yes, always a good idea to buy some educational puzzles such as the examples above, which are ideal for kids who are around 4 or 5 years old and prepare them for what they will be or are learning in school. This can be a challenge for parents who are trying to get their toddlers to understand what a puzzle is.

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Sometimes, the child will just watch the parent build the puzzle, and not interact at first themselves. The best course of action is to be patient.

If a parent shows the child step by step what needs to be done to complete the puzzle, eventually the child will catch on that they themselves can do this. This is a good question with no easy answer. The older a child gets the more they will no doubt be interested in technology and video games. However, introducing them to puzzles at an early age could very well lead to them wanting to continue building puzzles and perhaps even give them a fun-filled hobby as they get older.

In any case, a kid will still learn some great developmental skills building puzzles at a young age, no doubt about that. Submit your rating. Educational Value. Physical Development. Mix 'n Match Wooden Peg Puzzles. Includes all 3 puzzles Shapes are interchangeable Large wooden pieces 3 sturdy wooden frames. In a Hurry? Editors choice:. Last Updated:. Expand Most Recent Updates. By Amanda Milewski :. Picture Product. The rating is based on the average rating from all the criteria in which we rated this product.

Price Comparison Last Updated Vehicles Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Show more. In Depth Review Top Table of contents. Puzzle pieces can get lost.

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Only half of each car or animal is removable. Read more Educational Value he wooden peg puzzles are a time honored tradition that never grow old. Materials Each puzzle is comprised of at least 8 puzzle pieces with the vehicle board containing 9. Physical Development This is an excellent wooden peg puzzle to introduce to your 2-year old although we think that some kids as young as 18 months can actually benefit from it. Vehicles Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.

Pieces can be lost over time Only one model can be framed in the box frame for display. Beautiful artwork Fun and whimsical animal expressions make the puzzle engaging Perfect for elementary school Great for group play Can be personally engraved. Read more Educational Value This handcrafted jigsaw puzzle is absolutely perfect for kids who love animals. Farm, Pets, and Ocean Puzzles Set. Six large durable wooden pieces per puzzle Peg handles easy for kids to grab hold of Colorful fully illustrated puzzle boards Individually wrapped, ideal to give as gifts. Animals illustrations laminated stickers not painted onto pieces Some pieces can get lost.

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Read more Educational Value Teach your child about farm life with horses, cows, and chickens, or engage them in underwater learning with whales, dolphins, and sharks. Read more Educational Value With your purchase, you will receive three different educational puzzles. Materials Each of these three puzzles is composed of high-quality wood, thus making each puzzle highly durable. Physical Development As your child reaches for the pieces and places them in the correct spot on the board they will be increasing their fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination.

An interactive way for kids to learn their name Fun and bright colors Personalized gift makes this puzzle special High-quality wood ensures it will last. Only nine letters can be used, including spaces No punctuation marks can be added.

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  8. Kid-friendly shape and color wooden puzzle Each puzzle features nine different shapes and colors Constructed from high-quality materials with kid-safe paints Shapes can be used on board or stacked on the side Boosts color and shape recognition. Water-based paints used and can chip easily Puzzle shape pieces are thin and hard for the small hands to grip. Read more Educational Value Shapes, colors, and more--this learning puzzle is constructed from wood and offers multiple play-based learning activities. Materials The kid-friendly paints on the wooden pieces are water-based and contain no lacquers and are extremely durable.

    Physical Development Wooden puzzles can be used for many play-based activities that are fun for the little ones, but while they are having fun, they are also learning. Includes four Wooden Puzzles 50 bright colorful pieces Letters can be used to form other words as well Sturdy wooden storage box. Not suitable for kids under age of four, choking hazard warning Some pieces can get lost. Read more Educational Value Learning words is difficult without the use of a hands-on product or a game to make things fun and exciting. Physical Development Children ages four through six can increase their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they build each puzzle in this box.

    Space Voyage Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.

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    Artwork is excellent Somewhat challenging Pieces fit together snugly Great for kids who love space. Read more Educational Value Foster a love of Science in your child with this space voyage puzzle. In fact, there are two species of dolphins that have pink colored skin. The Amazon River dolphin is famous for having pink colored skin, and is often called the Pink River Dolphin.

    But not all Amazon River dolphin have pink skin: the pink color accumulates slowly over time, and is the result of a buildup of scar tissues caused by fights with other dolphins. There is another dolphin famous for its pink complexion: the Indo Pacific Humpback dolphin.