Lost Souls of the Dead and Dying

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Bade im Licht , no. Badenia , no. Scheller u. Rech, Hamburg.

Found on bladed tools. BALOC, in an oval cartouche , no. GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. Note: later used by J. Osberghaus Barbarossa , no. Becker, Solingen-Ohligs. Ern, Wald b. Hasch, Solingen. Style: block slanted.

Bassat, Solingen-Ohligs. On sickles, scythes and agricultural tools. Bavaria , no. Albert Wacker, A. B E G , no.

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BEG , no. Behr , no. Beija-Flor , no.

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  5. Vogel, Elberfeld. BEIL , no. Beins , no. Berolina , no. Berghaus, Berlin. Note: the grant incorporated the full company name.

    Rheinlands Sang Sage Schönsten Rheinlieder by Rittershaus Emil Bernhard Mannfeld

    Found on shooting accessories, including knives and cartridge extractors. Bios , no. Bischoff-Stahl , no. Lagemann, Erfurt. Found on tools associated with optical equipment. Black Diamond , no. BLACK u.

    Works of Karl Marx, 1835-1843

    Roeckseisen, Solingen. Note: though registered as a single mark, the components were often used separately. Blankaloid , no. Bleckmann, Solingen. Blitz , no. Blitz 19o5, no. Found on bladed and other tools accompanying optical equipment. Blosta , no. Blue Steel , no. Note: accompanied by company name.


    AG, Berlin. Bobs , no. Note: the lettering takes the form of branches. Bombe , no.

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    Bonna , no. Bonner, Hagen in Westfalen. Bonsa , no. Registry class: 9b or Brause zu Hause , no. Reichenstein, Brandenburg an der Havel. Usually written and registered with a doublehyphen. Brill, Barmen. Product: pens, pencils, drawing instruments. Wellmann, Hamburg. Stahl-IndustrieGesellschaft, Remscheid. BUR: C. Buschbaum , no. Crotogino, Schweidnitz.

    German Bladesmiths | Typography | Latin Alphabet

    Note: enlarged initial letters. Found on stainless-steel cutlery. Sellnick, Leipzig-Plagwitz. Note: accompanied by paired short horizontal lines at each end of the inscription. Carburylen , no. Cardinal , no. On metalcase pencils. CASO ?

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    Ascheuer, Solingen. Registry details unknown. Found on leather pouches for knives and maniucre articles. Catheterpurin , no. Hermann Melzer, Meiningen. Used on catheters and associated medical instruments. Kipp, Celle. Celtid , no. GmbH, Hanau am Main. On cycling tools. Ceres , no. G in oblong: Carl Grah C G monogram, addorsed and intercutting , no. Picard, Kronenberg. Grell, Hamburg.